Audio Messages Convincing You That Catholicism is Wrong

Ex-Catholics for Christ
This ministry has many audio messages in mp3 about Catholicism. Their mission is to reach out to Roman Catholics all over the world.

Gospel Outreach International
There are many testimonies that are recorded in audio CD and cassette tapes. These testimonies are testimonies of ex-Catholics who were saved. You can learn a lot from these testimonies and you can find them on this website.

Proclaiming the Gospel!/~/search/keywords=catholic&offset=10&sort=relevance
You can find many audio messages about Roman Catholicism on this website.

The Berean Call
The Catholic Debates
This fascinating series includes 7 powerful debates. The discussions are truly timeless and insightful for believers desiring to share the Good News of Christ with family and friends, or who simply want to be ready to give an answer to the 1 in 4 Americans who call themselves Catholic.