Tracts and Booklets to Use When Witnessing to Catholics

On these websites below, you may find tracts and booklets that you may use to witness or share the gospel with Catholics.

Tracts and Booklets

Christian Witness to Roman Catholicism (CWRC)


Gospel Outreach International (GOITRC)

James G. McCarthy
What You Need to Know About Roman Catholicism: Quick Reference Guide

Literature Ministries International

The Berean Call (TBC) Store

Chick Publications
This place has tracts or booklets.


Fellowship Tract League

First Bible Church

Free Christian Tracts

Gospel Outreach International (GOITRC)

Mission to Catholics

Proclaiming the Gospel

Roman Catholicism: Scripture vs. Tradition!/Roman-Catholicism-Scripture-vs-Tradition/p/2500111

Roman Catholicism: Scripture vs. Tradition Spanish!/Roman-Catholicism-Scripture-vs-Tradition-Spanish/p/108102020

Rome Vs The Bible!/Rome-Vs-The-Bible/p/2500112

The Supreme Authority for Truth and True Faith or False Hope!/The-Supreme-Authority-for-Truth-and-True-Faith-or-False-Hope/p/54471833
You may download the tracts for free as pdfs.

Which Jesus Will You Trust!/Which-Jesus-Will-You-Trust/p/2500114

The Berean Call (TBC) Store